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Our records indicate that the following companies’ Certificates of Authorization to offer professional engineering and/or surveying services in the state of Ohio expired on June 30, 2013 and that they did not contact the Board to advise they have ceased operating or are no longer in business.

Pursuant to Ohio R.C. section 4733.16, it is unlawful for any company that is not duly registered with the Board to practice, offer to practice, or hold out to the public as qualified to practice professional engineering and surveying in Ohio. Continuing to do so without renewing your Certificate of Authorization may lead to penalties under Ohio R.C. Chapter 4733.

If your company plans to continue to offer and provide engineering or surveying services, the Board must receive a renewal application and late fee immediately. Email Lisa Dodge at in order to request that a 2014 Certificate of Authorization Late Renewal Application be emailed to you.

Download additional Firm Affidavit of Responsibility PES 3012 (Rev. 09/2014) 1-PAGE PDF 

If your company no longer offers professional engineering or surveying services in the state of Ohio and does not wish to renew its Certificate of Authorization, you must notify the Board in writing.

If you have information that any of the companies listed below are still offering engineering or surveying services, please contact the Board’s enforcement section.

FY 2015 Delinquent Companies

FY 2015 delinquent company list is not ready for publication.


This Certificate of Authorization delinquent list reflects an accurate representation of information maintained by the Board. Information accessed through our website is provided as a public service. No user may claim detrimental reliance thereon.

Firms | Ohio Secretary of State Information

Ohio Secretary of State Charter or Registration Number Required

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4733 requires that your firm must have an active Ohio Secretary of State charter or registration number in order to complete a Certificate of Authorization. You can search Ohio’s Secretary of State website to find your firm's charter or registration number (Entity Number on SOS look up results).

From the Ohio Secretary of State Website

“Anyone who is planning to do business within the state of Ohio, using a name other than their own personal name, must register with our office… This applies to companies in Ohio and companies in other states or countries wishing to do business in the state of Ohio. Companies outside the state of Ohio often have to include a Certificate of Good Standing from their home state’s Secretary of State or registering authority to accompany their filing.”