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Reciprocity is Ohio’s application process whereby a currently-licensed professional engineer or professional surveyor in good standing may apply for an Ohio license based on their license in another state or U.S. jurisdiction.  The Board does not automatically grant an Ohio license because an individual is licensed in another jurisdiction.

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Professional engineer reciprocity applicants must have passed the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering exam and NCEES Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. Applicants must have an accredited engineering degree and a minimum of four to eight years of engineering experience.


P.E. Reciprocity Application and Instructions

Ohio PE Registration Packet

P.E. Temporary Permit Application

A temporary permit application cannot be processed unless accompanied by a permanent application for reciprocity registration. If the temporary permit is granted it will extend until the Board has acted on the application for registration as a professional engineer in Ohio by reciprocity. A Model Law Engineer comity application supercedes a temporary permit application and any temporary permit application accompanying an MLE application will be discarded.

If the Board subsequently determines that an application for reciprocity registration does not meet the requirements of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4733 the temporary permit will be immediately revoked.

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The turnaround time for a P.E. temporary permit application is usually within seven days; this cannot be guaranteed.

P.S. Reciprocity

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