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Please note, the Ohio Board recently moved locations. While we are in the process of update the address on all applications, please be sure you are sending all applications, supporting documentation, and correspondences to 77 S High St Ste 2472 Columbus Ohio 43215. 

Reciprocity is Ohio’s application process whereby a currently-licensed professional surveyor or professional engineer in good standing may apply for an Ohio license based on their license in another state or U.S. jurisdiction. The Board does not automatically grant an Ohio license because an individual is licensed in another jurisdiction.

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Professional surveyor reciprocity applicants must have passed the NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying exam and NCEES Principles and Practice of Surveying exam. Applicants must have a Board-approved degree and a minimum of four to eights years of surveying experience.

In addition, P.S. reciprocity applicants will need to schedule and pass the Ohio-specific 2-hour professional surveying examination in Columbus.

P.S. Reciprocity Application

The 4-page P.S. reciprocity application includes includes one additional form. PES 2013-OH is the verification request you will need to send to the Board(s) where you passed your exams and were initially licensed. We will not be able to review your application until we have received the completed verification request(s). The standard reciprocity form requests personal information, photo, proof of higher education (including transcripts), surveying work experience, supervisor information and references.

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After your application has been approved by the Board, you will be contacted to set up an appointment to come to Columbus and take the Ohio-specific 2-hour professional surveying examination. This exam must be passed before your Ohio P.S. comity approval is complete.

P.S. Temporary Permit

The Board does not offer a temporary permit for Professional Surveyors.

P.E. Reciprocity Applications

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