Verification process for those applying for an exam or 
licensure in Ohio

This process is just for those who are applying for either and exam or license by reciprocity and have passed the Fundamentals exam, Principles and Practices exams, and/or licensure in another state.


Verification instructions

1.     Request verification through NCEES’s online verification process.

  • NCEES verification request
  • If the State Board where you took your exams or hold current licensure does not participate in NCEES’s verification system, you will need to contact the state board directly and have any verification information sent to:
State Board of Registration for
Professional Engineers and Surveyors
77 High St Ste 2472
Columbus Ohio 43215

 2.     Check with the state board where you took your exams and/or are currently licensed to verify the verification process for that particular state

3.     Follow the procedures for the state board’s licensure verification request.

4.     Information is entered into NCEES’s verification database.

5.     The Ohio Board receives notification from NCEES that a verification request is available and ready for download.

6.     The Ohio Board will download the verification and match the records with any existing applications in our database.

Verification process for those who have passed
an exam in Ohio

This process is for anyone who has taken and passed their exams in Ohio, and/or holds a current Ohio license.

As of Friday April 6, 2018, the Board is no longer accepting paper applications or forms as we move to a new online licensing system. The system will be available as of April 23, 2018. The Board will post more information closer to the release date on individual access and user guides.

We thank you for your patience as we transition to this new system. The system will provide a secure platform for all your licensure needs and will allow for us to provide better communication and customer service to our registrants and the public.