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In accordance with Governor Mike DeWine’s recent Executive Order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus [COVID-19] and to protect the health and welfare of Ohioans, the Board’s staff will be teleworking for the next few weeks. The Board will continue to provide essential services and many questions can be answered by visiting our website at If you need assistance, please contact the Board by emailing us at We appreciate your patience as we respond to your needs through our remote network.

For the latest information to COVID-19 and the Ohio Board of Registration for Professional Engineers,  updates will be provided below. These updates include important information regarding the upcoming Firm/COA license renewal.

***Phishing email warning***

On January 28, 2021, the board was made aware of a phishing email scam that went our to board licensees. The email is a fraudulent request for donations through GoFundMe and PayPal to help pay for a sick child's medical expenses. The email is made to look like it is coming from the State Board on our letterhead. Please know the board would never send a request to solicitation for donations for any cause. If you receive such a request, please ignore the email and delete it. 

The Board has notified the state's IT department, the Ohio Highway Patrol, GoFundMe and PayPay regarding the fraudulent request. 

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