In order to get better search results, please limit the number of search boxes and characters you use. You may get more results, but you are more likely to find the record you desire.
To find a licensee, select "Engineers and Surveyors Board" under the heading "Board" and enter the search criteria. Enter a few characters of the last name and select the "Search" option to find licensees that match your selection criteria. If known, entering the license number under "Enter License, Supervision Agreement or Endorsement Number" is the best search option. You will need to use the format PE.<number>, PS.<number>, FIRM.<number>, etc. The period (.) after the license type is important when searching by license number. Once you receive the search results, you may click the drop down button to get additional licensing information.

Important Rules for a Successful Search

Do not select all options for your search; use as few fields as possible; do not combine name and number in the same search.

Be sure Engineers and Surveyors Board is selected.

Don’t use Profession except in combination with County or Status.

When searching for a company, a partial Business Name will return better results.

When searching for an individual, use License Number -OR- Name (Last, First), not both. When using License Number; put PE, PS or DUAL in the first box; put a 5-digit PE number or 4-digit PS number in the second box; do not use the third box.

CityState Zip aren’t needed.

County and Status selections can be used by themselves or in combination with Profession.