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Verification for those applying for a license in Ohio

This process is just for those who are applying for either and exam or license by reciprocity and have passed the Fundamentals exam, Principles and Practices exams, and/or are licensed in another state.

Verification instructions

1.     Request verification through NCEES’s online verification process.

  • NCEES verification request https://account.ncees.org/login
  • If the State Board where you took your exams or hold current licensure does not participate in NCEES’s verification system, you will need to contact the state board directly and have any verification information sent to:
State Board of Registration for
Professional Engineers and Surveyors
77 High St Ste 2472
Columbus Ohio 43215

2.     Check with the state board where you took your exams and/or are currently licensed to verify the verification process for that particular state

3.     Follow the procedures for the state board’s licensure verification request.

4.     Information is entered into NCEES’s verification database.

5.     The Ohio Board receives notification from NCEES that a verification request is available and ready for download.

6.     The Ohio Board will download the verification and match the records with any existing applications in our database.


Verification for those applying for a license in another state

This process is for anyone who has taken and passed their exams in Ohio, and/or holds a current Ohio license.

All verification request are now handled through the state's eLicense Ohio licensing portal. 

If you are requesting through NCEES

  1. Log on to NCEES’s website to request verification

If you are not requesting your verification through NCEES, start with step #2

  1. Go to eLicense Ohio at www.elicense.ohio.gov
  2. Log on to the eLicense Ohio licensing portal. Detailed instructions on registering your account can be found on the board’s website.

If you have not already registered your account. You will need your social security number, date of birth, a valid email address, and your security code

The security code can be requested through the portal during registration if you have a valid email address on file

If you do not have a valid email address on file, you will need to contact CSC at (614) 644-6860 for registration assistance or contact the board.

If you have already registered through eLicense Ohio, sign in using your email address and password.

  1. If you have an active license, or a license that was active sometime between the present and January 1, 2014, your license will show on your eLicense Dashboard.
  • Under the tile with your license information, on the right hand side there will be a drop down menu of Options.
  • Select “send verification” and follow the steps to complete the request.
  • After submitting, you will be taken to your cart to complete the payment for the verification fee.

Once the fee is submitted, the request will come into the board office to complete the verification. You can check the status of your verification by clicking on My History from your Dashboard.

To check the status of your request, click on the History Type drop down box and select Service Request.

When your request is first submitted, the status will show as Submitted. Once the board staff has completed the request, the status will be updated to “complete” and you will receive a confirmation email that your verification has been sent to the state requested.

Verification for Reinstatement

If your license has been lapsed in Ohio for 4 years or more but you have maintained continuous licensure in another U.S. state or territory, you must have the Reinstatement Information Request Form (4013) completed by the Licensure Board in the state(s) where you held continuous licensure.  The verifying Licensure Board will complete this form and send the information directly to us.  If your license has been inactive for less than 4 years in Ohio at the time of your application for reinstatement, you do not need to have this form completed.

Detailed instructions and information regarding reinstatement of a lapsed P.E. or P.S. license can be found in the Reinstatement section